As people I’m convinced our world revolves around finding someone to complete us
To what we wear, do, and post on social media
We are all trying to find the one
You know who makes us happy, because society is based on this notation that love is happiness
While love may be happiness its not what will make you complete, fill in the emptiness or confusion
If anything it will add more problems
Why live a life trying to find someone else when you have not even found yourself
If you don’t know who you are then how will the
I feel lost and disconnect from more than some
Is this normal? Is there something wrong with me?
Why don’t people relate
When you disconnect from the world and focus on yourself its funny what you find
All these things from social media, partying, and drugs fills the hole inside us
I want to fill mine myself
Smile because of me
Be comfortable, happy, and content with myself
It’s a hard journey because of all the tempting distractions
But it will work, I promise