I never wanted to be, it kind of just happened

Unknowingly born with a creative mind

A young child with a passion to express

A desire to understand the misunderstood

A feel to look pass everyday norms

Once I found this world I never wanted to go back

A universe of artists, creators, and believers

People who have a vision and make it happen

Power to the one who expresses their self

Almost like therapy

Exactly why I write and photography

Not for others, but for me

To realize something inside of me thank I can describe

Feeding the urge inside

I hate when people ask how did you know

I didn’t

I never knew I wanted to be different

Or write or take photos

It just happened


I feel bad for those blinded by societies norms

Who don’t embrace exploring

Must be boring

Yet there is one thing I ask of you blinded people



Respect me and those around you who are unique talented

Don’t defend your lack of knowledge with ignorance


I walk the less traveled path