I’m at the age where I need to figure out what I wanna do with my life

Finish my undergrad and becoming a “real person” as many would call it

Not really sure what “real person” means

Because I have had a full time job before, I know the cycle and routine

I know how a majority of people dislike Monday – Thursday

If that’s what a real person is then I will never become one

At the age of 21 I realized my life is about to being

Slowly learning what the world has to offer and how many don’t embrace it

I wanna learn, hear each persons story

You see I have this concept where everyone I see has a story, a struggle, a past, a problem that’s waiting to be heard

I used to hate the news, but globally I love it

I love to read the stories of others in struggle

Those having worse problems than me, not to gloat but to realize if they can still smile after all they been through then I can to

You see the world has so much to offer, it’s just your choice to take whats there

Happy to say I will, that’s what I wanna do with my life take in what’s around me