I need to stop

I wish I could stop

Stop thinking and wondering about you

What you’re doing, who you’re with, do you miss me

Because its not fair

When I walked away I promised myself I would look back

Because what you did hurt

You forget and didn’t care so I told myself I would do the same

It was hard, I couldn’t sleep and when I did it was because I cried myself to sleep

I would wake up thinking you would come back, but you didn’t

What else would you expect from someone who forgets

Then I told myself it was my turn to forget so I slowly did

It was hard but I did it and it felt good to have myself back again

A year later you came back, in the worst way possible

I don’t know why but for some reason I thought you changed

I thought that I could possibly find happiness

I was wrong

You came back like nothing happen

As if I was the one in the wrong, oblivious to all my pain, suffering, and hurting

You have balls to ask why

Why I “avoid” you

Because when I was first with you I thought there was a chance

But I realized you didn’t change

Without even knowing you’re hurting me again

You’re back in my head and I wish you weren’t

As much as you make me smile, the memories of it all comes back

I can only think I would be stupid to consider going back