A king ruling without a queenHow tragic

Addicted to black women 

Like morphine to an addict

That melanin goddess mentality 

I got to have it

Black love needs to reappear 

Like magic

The men are trashing the women

And the women seem to hate us

The men are acting like they forgot about the ones that made us.

And that bitterness from the women seem to chase some men away

And that disrespect and self hate is what we both display 

Light skin..dark skin we are both the same

No matter what complexion we’re both are the same plane.

Divide and conquer has been the plan from the beginning 

That ignorant slave mentality keeps us from winning 

It’s time to put behind the pain and the hurt

Stop bashing the men, stop dragging the women through the dirt.

It’s time to protect the black woman

Show her that we care

Show her that we love her

And that we’ll always be there.

Black women restore that faith in us 

And then you will see

We will put things back the way they should be 

Let’s us stand side by 
*this poem was written by one of my friends but it needed to be posted