Happy Content Comfortable

When I’m with you  I love it

Like one of the million stars shinning in the sky you make me feel like brightest

To feel this way so soon, impossible

But I do

Haunted by thoughts of the day where I’m forced to say see you later, when it actually means goodbye

The unknown scares me the most

My mind tells me I’ll never see you again and I hate it


Why did I meet you, why did it happen, the effect you leave on me is forever

Struggling to wrap my mind around what we did and who we are

Months are passing, time is ticking

My heart is breaking,

And cracking, as if there is no glue in the world to place my heart togethet

tears are falling

Telling myself it will be okay, but I know it won’t

&that’s what hurts the most


I look into your eyes and I see hope

You make me want to believe this is not the end, but I feel like it is

In your arms it feels like this moment is forever