When I realize those who I thought were friends are the last person in my corner.

Everyday I’m fed negative comments and defeating statements. Why are you trying to put me down? Why what I do is not good enough in your eyes? Question my life, my moves, and my choices. Constantly comparing our lives, yet you dominate every time. I don’t understand, I though we were friends? Peers? But I realize once you got to know me, you felt a need to be better than me.

I was always humble, and I never boasted so why? Why do they question me? Why am I judge? All I am trying to do is become better. Advance myself and do whats best. Just like you. . .

Why does it matter whose ahead or what steps they used to get there. Were all in the game?



Maybe one day I’ll make a genuine friend in my post grad life. One day someone will stop judging me. A relationship where jealousy has no home because support and love over come.