Who would of thought within 4 months, he changed my life forever.


Not the country, but you. Yes the culture shock was a bit to adapt to. But the biggest challenge was you. Understanding you, being with you, loving you. and I enjoyed every moment of it.

The challenge like a breathe of fresh air. You were so different and yes I have to admit I was scared because I didn’t think I was enough. Till this day I always wonder what if? But I can write and dream about that forever.

I just want you to know that today, basically a year ago from when we met I think of you. And even though we don’t speak, I’d like to say you’re on my mind all the time.

Not in that way, but you know how you affected me. How I think, what I do, what I wear. How I see and treat people. What to expect from others.

I just wish I could read you this and let you know, but I’m still waiting for you to respond to our 2 week old conversation.. .  not that you left me on read, but the message is sitting there and it says delivered. .  so now what?

I guess I’ll just wait 5 months, untill I’m back in you’re country, who knows maybe i’ll read this.

I just thought you wanted to know, you changed my everything. I can never go back, you introduced me to world I never knew before.. . and I love it.

I love me


I just wanted to say thanks and I’m sorry.