America and this stupid “plan”.

The more I follow the plan the more I feel like my life is wasting away. Sacrificing years of my life to school, to get a piece of paper to acquire a job. A job I’m suppose to love, but in actuality I’ll hate it soon. The job that expects me to slave away. When in return they’ll give nothing. Working in HR has taught me so much.

Maybe it’s not the job, but more so the people. And I shouldn’t let the people phase me, but they do. Being brought together with people you never planned on crossing paths with. Who wouldn’t go crazy. Okay, maybe I’m a dramatic introvert.

It amazes me how people prioritize security over living life. Working at the same company for 10 years. Continuing to do the same routine they hate. I’m scared my life will come to that. It’s hard to distance myself from the negativity, when it surrounds me.

For once I wish people would embrace it all. Stop complaining about Mondays, wishing for Fridays and doing nothing in between. Letting the time waste away.

Also stop judging me for living.

How else am I suppose to keep sanity.