She always found happiness in the unknown, unexpected people and places.

She contemplated writing a book because her friends never believed her. Probably because the life she lived was based on chance.

She would tell herself stop living in the moment.

But she always managed to meet someone new. Who changes everything, without even knowing it.

So she met someone. And when she was with him nothing else mattered. Her problems disappeared. He made her forgot about why she was upset. And the situation she’s dealing with right now. She was embraced with love and surrounded by happiness. Because the connection between them was intense and unique. She never met him before, but felt so comfortable. As if she knew him her whole life. They were so different, but that’s what made it better. Because they were both able to look past that, which made the attraction stronger. He was her breath of fresh air. The connection between them was so unexpected, probably why she didn’t want the romance to end. But it had too. And when it did she felt melancholy. Everything that he made her forget started to rush back to her head. She was disappointed because reality started to settle and she knew this was her first and probably last time seeing him. But she’s okay with that. All moments make great memories. She needed to meet someone like him, even if once. To refresh her life and perspective. To relight the hope in her heart.

And so it happened.