Sometimes I wake up and wish I wasn’t so different

I call it educated, some call it ignorant

I can’t help seeing things the way I do

My perception shaped by personal experiences

It was during my teenage years I knew, that I wasn’t attracted to what the other teens were into

I used every outlet to attract a interest from sports to television

So brainwashed I started mimicking

Until I ended up in trouble

That was my wake up call

Wishing that I could fit into the norms that society created

After I studied abroad that was when I knew it was okay

Okay to not be mainstream

To disagree with whats trending on social media

To not care what the Kardashians are doing

To not want to go out for the 4th night in a row with hopes of seeing that cute kid from class

To not buy expensive clothes to symbolize the wealth I wish I had when in reality my collections of shoes put me in debt

But it’s hard

Because when I wake up and go to work people like me aren’t there

I can’t relate to a coffee drinker because I love tea

I can’t participate in a conversation about Monday’s because I’m thankful for each and everyday

I don’t waste a whole week talking about the weekend, because I like to live each day like it’s my last

Because I’m learning to accept myself, my flaws and differences

And to not dumb myself down for people who aren’t on my level

but to learn to walk away